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moisture balance

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New from A&D - The MS-70 / MX-50 / MF-50 Moisture Analyzer offering the latest in weighing technology implementing the Super Hybrid Sensor with moisture balance features that outshine the competition.  Choose from three affordably priced models, designed to streamline the process of product moisture analysis.  Additional uses include moisture analysis in the environmental, chemical, pharmaceutical industries, and more.

The innovative Heat Chamber houses a 400 Watt Halogen heating lamp producing fast and accurate results aided by its uniquely designed SRA (Secondary Radiation Assist) Filter, which serves to radiate heat uniformly, protect the lamp from splatter during testing and provide a Progress Monitoring Translucent Glass Window.  The SRA filter is easy to clean ensuring optimum performance while the halogen lamp is user replaceable.  This of course will save time and money and minimize down time and labor costs.

In-house tests put the MX-50 at the top of the league for accuracy in giving Sodium Tartrate a reading of 15.66% (+0.3/-0.1) moisture content with repeatability of 0.01% (S.D.), In-house factory tests comparing the top competing models, put the MX-50 at the top for accuracy using Sodium Tartrate as the standard.  Repeatable readings of 15.66% (+0.3/-0.1) moisture content with repeatability of 0.01% were established.

The Vacuum Fluorescent Display allows the results to be clearly displayed even in areas with poor lighting.  The large keypads and intuitive embedded software makes the A&D MS/MX/MF moisture balance a breeze to use walking you through the convenient test setup parameters.

Attention to the placement of handles make the unit safe to use minimizing burn related mishaps.

Add it all up and A&D is Clearly a Better Value over all the other moisture balances on the market today!

Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate is included for verifying the performance any of the A&D moisture analyzers.  Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate is a chemical used in the industry as a standard since it contains 15.66% of a chemically uniform moisture.  However, depending on the state of the preservation of the material the moisture of 0.09% or less adheres to the surface of it.

Checking the performance of the moisture balance is simple.  Preheat the unit for about eight minutes at 160°C, then put about 5 grams of Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate in the moisture balance.  The moisture content rate of 15.50 - 16.00% is obtained in a typical measurement.

moisture balance determines percent solids
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60 month warrantyAll A&D Moisture Analyzers come with data acquisition software for exporting data to a computer via the RS-232 interface.  The MF-50 comes standard with the WinCT balance communication software for exporting weighing result to a MS Word or Excel.

The MS-70 & MX-50 comes with Win CT Moisture (optional for the MF-50).  Win CT Moisture exclusive Optimum Temperature Search (OTS) program is designed to display a graph of the moisture content rate change while measuring and makes it easier to set an appropriate analyzing mode setting with a connected PC.  Users no longer have to go through a tedious trial and error process to determine optimum temperature and time for quick accurate analysis.

Typically it takes days of trial and error to find optimal sample parameters.  In just one 30-minute sample run, OTS automatically recommends the ideal time and temperature for a sample type.  Because the OTS program helps the user distinguish between desired drying of moisture vs. the undesirable burning of the sample, OTS ensures quick accurate readings every time.

In addition to OTS, WinCT-Moisture provides bidirectional data collection, graph time vs. moisture % and overlays multiple test graphs in different colors to visually compare results.  Data can be exported to ExcelT or sent as an email attachment.

The MX-50 can also be purchased with an optional Certified Temperature Calibrator (ONLY available for the MX-50 Moisture Balance).  Calibration results can be output in the format that conforms to GLP, GMP, ISOC.

All A&D moisture analyzers measure moisture thermogravimetrically.  Thermogravimetric moisture analysis is based on the principles of vaporization of water during the during process.  The moisture balances monitors the weight loss of a sample as the material is heated.  The sample weight prior to heating and after reaching a steady-state mass after drying determines the moisture content.  The halogen bulb produces the heating of the sample by infrared radiation.  The thermogravimetric method offers advantages over moisture determination using a chemical method such as Karl Fisher Titration.  Thermogravimetric moisture analysis is simple to perform and adaptable to many conditions verses Karl Fisher Titration can be subjective, and require the handling and disposal of solvents and potentially hazardous materials.

 A&D technology increases your productivity

  • Fast heat to 200C in only 2 minutes
  • Uniform heating drastically improved by SRA technology
  • SRA filter stops contamination from spatter of the test sample
  • Removable SRA filter makes for easy cleaning
  • User replaceable Halogen lamp cuts cost and down time
  • GLP compliant format when printed results are required

A&D know-how gives superior analytical performance

  • Repeatability of 0.01% (S.D.) in moisture determination
  • High accuracy gives value of Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate at 15.66% (+0.3/-0.1) 
  • 50 gram capacity by 1mg readability
    (MX-50 readability to 1mg while MF-50 is 2mg)
  • Programmable Heating Mode Memory
  • Easy to read Vacuum Fluorescent Display
  • Standard RS232 port for connection to computer or optional printer.
Progress window for heating check
Heating process can be checked through translucent window
Easy handling of the unit
Ergonomically designed pan handle eliminates mishaps such burns when moving a hot sample tray into or out of the unit from either side.

Display Mode give you the choice of % moisture, % solids, weight, atro moisture or atro solids

ATRO Moisture content refers to a measurement of moisture content as compared to dry weight.
Typically moisture content = (wet weight - dry weight)/wet wgt * 100%
ATRO wet weight = (wet wgt-dry wgt)/dry weight * 100%

So for a 100 gram sample drying to 75 grams.
Wet Moisture content is 25/100=25%
However ATRO moisture content is 25/75= 33.3%

Similar idea for Dry content vs. ATRO dry content.
Dry content = dry wgt/wet wgt
ATRO dry content = wet wgt/ dry wgt

moisture determination balance display
Key Switch Operation
Selection of measurement condition which has been registered.
Example: Standard Mode/Automatic Complete Mode/Timer Mode/Manual Mode/Any custom measurement condition operator has stored in memory.
Selection of measurement condition.  Example: Standard Mode > Automatic Complete Mode > etc.  The "Select" key to select a measurement condition you want to change.  For example, press the "Select" key until temperature is highlight and then use the "up/down" arrow key pad to select the desired temperature.
Change in measurement condition.  These keys allow you to scroll through programs.  Example: Standard Mode > Automatic Complete Mode > etc.  Also used to change the settings for temperature, measurement time, complete condition, sample set when storing a custom measurement condition (MX-50 has memory for 20 measurement programs while the MF-50 offers storage for only 10 measurement programs.
Registration of measurement condition
Start measurement
Stop measurement
Pushing the reset button places the weight display at zero.  Place the sample pan on the support plate and close heater cover to eliminate air turbulence.  Press the '"Reset" key to zero out / tare the weight of the moisture pan.  Once the display shows 0.000 g, open the cover and place sample on moisture pan.

The MX/MF moisture balance comes with powerful software for ease of operation, program storage and user customization.  Four measurement complete conditions are preprogrammed and are adaptable to various measuring methods.  In addition, in each measurement complete condition, measurement accuracy, time and unit can be set to your desired selection and recalled saving you time.  These settings as a set can be memorized in the MS-70 for 100 sets, MX-50 for 20 sets and the MF-50 for 10 sets.  Suitable sets of the conditions can be individually called according to the sample.  Whether your determining moisture% for primary or secondary sludge in a wastewater environment, or testing lab to determine dry content % for the food industry for dry milk or grain, it's simply to select and run the test once you program and store the test setup parameters.

The MS-70 is targeted as an alternative to the Karl Fisher method for PET plastic pellet measurements.  With PET plastic and other materials, the MS-70 can measure a drop of moisture content of less than 1%.  Specialist knowledge is not necessary to operate the MS-70, and since measurement occurs quickly no harmful waste is produced.

moisture analyzer halogen heater       moisture content, moisture determination,  moisture analyzers      moisture content, percent solid,  moisture analyzer
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A&D MX/MF Specifications
MS-70 MX-50 MF-50
Precision Discount Price See Price HERE See Price HERE
Measurement Method
400W straight halogen lamp heating system with SRA filter & SHS Weighing technology
Max Sample Weight Capacity 71g
Weight Resolution 0.0001g
Moisture Content Display 0.001/0.01/0.1%
Moisture Content Accuracy  over 1g
   over 5g
0.01% 0.02% 0.05%
Heating Technology
Halogen lamp (Straight type, 400W max, 5000 hours)
Heating Time
The heating time can be set in the range of 1 to 480 minutes, and increments between 1-60 minutes in 1 minute intervals, 60 - 480 minutes in 5 minute increments.
Drying Temperature 50 - 200°C / (1°C increment)
Memory of Measurement Programs 20 sets
20 sets
10 sets
Measurement Programs
Standard Mode/Automatic Complete Mode/Timer Mode/Manual Mode
Measurement Mode
Wet base/Dry base/Solid content/Ratio
Display Type
Large VFD
RS-232C Standard
Data Memory Function 100
Operating Temperature
5-40°C(41-104°F)less than 85% RH
Self Check Function
Communication Software
Win CT Moisture
(for MS-70 & MX-50 only)
Win CT standard
Sample Pan Size
ø 85 mm / 3.4 inches
AC 100V to 120V (3A) 50/60Hz, Approx. 400Watts
Physical Dimensions
215 (W) x 320 (D) x 173(H) mm
8.5" x 12.6" x 6.8"
60 month manufacturer's warranty
Approx. 6 kg / 13.2 lbs
Standard Accessories
20 Sample Pans, 2 Pan Handles, Tweezers, Spoon, Test Sample (30g of Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate), CD-Rom Win-CT, Display Cover, Dust Cover, Instruction Manual, Quick Reference Card, Power cable, 2 Fuses
Download the MX/MF-50 Instruction Manual (2.2 MB) now download manual.  The instruction manual contains detailed information regarding the moisture balance.  It outlines the operation, additional features, keypad functions and standard accessories that come with the awesome moisture balance.  Reviewing the manual will answer all your questions and help you in your final selection.

miosture balanceDownload the A&D User' Handbook.  It is loaded with information including measurement and performance Q&A, examples of data results & analysis, overview of Win CT moisture analysis software and more.  You'll learn about the principles of how the A&D moisture balance determines percent moisture implementing basically a wet - dry analysis.  Additional review of other available technologies for determining moisture such as the Karl Fischer method are covered.  Learn the benefits & disadvantages of several processes available to analyze moisture content.  Finally the user' handbook covers expected measurement results along with optimum temperature settings & drying times for a myriad of samples from dried dog food to peanut butter, calcium carbonate to aluminum oxide or yogurt to cheese.  After review this information you'll be a moisture guru.

Download this MS Powerpoint Presentation covering the design features of the MX/MF Moisture Balance and overview of WinCT-moisture analyzer software.  Compare the performance results of the A&D MX/MF verses the Ohaus MB-35, Ohaus MB-45, Mettler HB43, mettler-Toldeo HB53, Sartorius MA50, Sartorius MA100, Sartorius MA45, Denver IR30 & Denver Instruments IR200.

Warning - Moisture balances should not be used on any volatile organic sample with flash points.  Even a MSDS rating of 1.  Samples with low flask points like Acetaldehyde -38°C or MEK -4°C should not be used with the A&D Moisture Balances and maybe you should look at Karl Fisher as an alternative.

Although you might presently perform analysis with an oven on these sample the ovens typically have ventilation and a much larger cavity than the typical moisture balance that operates on the principles of TGA.  In addition, with most moisture balances there is no ventilation so all the fumes remain inside the hood of the moisture balance.  We strongly recommend you consult with a safety specialist always prior to using any moisture balances for your safety.

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