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1909 Quarter EagleOne unique option I never experienced before on the web was the prepaid option Precision Weighing Balances offered on selected pocket mini scales.  I was slightly timid about sending some business money in advance.  I investigated this by first calling Precision to see if it was a real company and received a background check on the company.  I took the second step to visit my chat group and asked if anyone had purchased a scale using the prepay option.  I received replies from several people stating how efficient and convenient the prepaid method works.

I used the prepaid option to purchase the 1471 scale (now discontinued and the replacement is the Tanita 1479S) with a postal money order.  Other retailers quote prices of well over $200 for the same model!  Precision Weighing Balances really offers the best prices and very quick delivery.  Give Precision Weighing Balances a shot.  You won't regret it.  Precision Weighing Balances offers a wide array of scales and can give expert advice.  I found their products to be the best quality and lowest priced I could find anywhere.

Tanita 7020 with price computingIn fact, I think I am now a scale collector since I recently purchased the Tanita 7020 (now discontinued and Tanita did not make a replacement for the 7020 or any scale with a calculator built-in) since I liked the flip top cover and price computing feature.  This scale is really amazing and it weighs in grams, pennyweight, troy ounces, and avoirdupois ounces.

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Additional web sites relating to ancient coins include:

The Moneta-L is a free list sponsored by Kevin Barry as an open forum for ancient coin collectors.  Approximately 400 ancient coin collectors of every age and level.

Reference sites for ancient history and/or numismatics:

Classical and Medieval Numismatic Society

American Numismatic Society

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Be sure to see the MyWeigh Palm 7.0 and Palm 8.0 pocket scales as alternative model if you need 0.01 gram readability.

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