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EF playerThe Tangent KP102 pocket scale (the Tangent has been discontinued and we recommend for an alternative the Tanita 1479V or My Weigh Palm Scale 7.0) is extremely popular for the avid Electric Football Players.  Yes, Electric Football is a game of strategy and skill for ages 8 to 88!  It's the only 3-dimensional hands-on game where the player is both the quarterback and the coach.  Electric Football Game A great game loved by millions since 1947.

What is all the fuss about portable scales for "weigh ins?"  The heavier the player the more you can push an offense or defense back into their end zone.

The Dallas/Fort Worth Electric Football League in Texas, utilizes a maximum weight of 3.2 grams per figure (including it's base).  This allows no team to utilize a weight advantage in the game.  If one team is weighted and the other is not, the results could be disastrous for the "lighter side."  Weighing the players with a scale like the Tangent KP102 levels the playing field and matches skill and creativity (not to mention sheer luck) vs the same.  There are many other differences and styles of play in each league.  Some leagues play with natural figure pose weight which may or may not include custom poses.  With these, there are still significant weight differences between poses, especially if you are playing against an opponent who is using what are known as "big men" from the 60's.  Therefore, to avoid this type of controversy a scale with 0.1 gram accuracy a must.  Besides, this can be a cut-throat game, you will want to have a scale handy to keep your opponent honest

The future of Electric Football(EF) is swiftly moving towards a nationalized set of rules for national competitions to decide a national champion.  This has been a long (very long) term goal for EF players as well as other EF "coaches."  In order to move towards this goal there has to be a national set of rules.  Sounds easy but everyone plays the game differently. VERY DIFFERENTLY.  Anyway, now a set of adopted national rules called Rules 2000 (R2K) has been accepted.  The idea of tournament and league rules is to be fair to everyone involved.  A level playing field if you will.  Tangent ScaleThis is why Precision Weighing Balances is experiencing a growth in scale sales.  Leagues form all over come to us for our famous "deep discount prices" huge selection, tremendous inventory and prompt service.  We offer the Tangent KP102 (100g x 0.1g) for only $45.95.

The Tangent KP102 is being used by leagues to make sure the players (figures) "make weight."  A custom painted figure with oodles of coats of paint will far outweigh a factory figure with factory paint.  The scales tell the tale.  Also some leagues play weighted.  Rules 2000 has a noweight and a standard weight division.  The natural progression for assuring "legal players" in a noweight division or in a setting where there is limited weight that can be used, is to have all coaches put all players on the scale, record the weights and lock em up in a safe 'til game time.

All this sounds a bit crazy but it is passion of the game for the avid EF player.  Assuring fairness in competitions on issues concerning the weight of figures is easily solved by the use of portable digital pocket scales.  It's hard to argue with the tale of the scales.

Here is the link to the Official Electric Football site if you want to check it out.

Special thanks to: Barry Stephenson of the Dallas/Fort Worth Electric Football League; Jerry McGhee of the Alamo City Electric Football League in San Antonio, TX and Mike Pratt of the CPEFL (Central PA Electric Football League) for contributing to this article. 

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